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The Canary Islands Cancer Research Institute (ICIC) and its Foundation (FICIC) were created to give scientific and social answers to specific problems on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the Canaries.

Among its objectives and projects include:

  1. Generate teaching resources to facilitate the understanding of cancer throughout the population, utilizing new technologies, particularly Internet, to thus spread cancer education to the furthest corners of the Canaries.
  2. To promote cancer prevention by conducting public awareness campaigns on the acquisition of healthy habits and lifestyle in relation to cancer.
  3. To promote cancer research in all the Canaries, building, improving and financing human resources and materials available to the current research groups investigating on cancer, providing also new attractive conditions for new groups to join in cancer research.
  4. Joining forces for basic, clinical, translational and population investigations in a sustained and continuous effort which would allow the best diagnosis and the highest innovative and quality therapies of cancer treatment in the Canary Islands.
  5. To promote studies on the incidence of cancer in the Canary Islands, particularly in molecular epidemiology methods to address:
    • The types of cancer with more disturbing implications.
    • The types of cancer with familial incidence.
    • The types of cancer booming today.
  6. Developing new knowledge-based sources of wealth in the Canaries with the support of industry generated from the Foundation ICIC (FICIC) for the development of new anticancer drugs and applied genomics.

To enable the Foundation to continue its success, we need your support and encouragement in the form of economic contribution, however small that may be it will always be of extreme importance to us and our project

Banking details where to deposit donations:

  • Bank Name: La Caixa
  • Account Owner: Fundación Instituto Canario Investigación Cáncer
  • IBAN: ES16 2100 9169 0922 0005 3231

For your interest, we inform you that donations made to the Foundation ICIC carry tax relief to donors.  Thus, tax payers of income tax will be entitled to deduct 25% of the total amount donated.  Furthermore, legal persons/firms are entitled to deduct from its corporation total tax liability, 35% of the donation made.  The FICIC is host to the special arrangements of Law 49/2002 on tax incentives for patronage.

We are at your disposal for any query:
Email:  gerencia@icic.es
Tel.:  822 102807
website: www.icic.es



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