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How to become a member and member list

Member list

The Canary Islands Cancer Research Institute (ICIC) has got a member list of 449 active individuals.

Download member list (updated 2011)

¿How to become a member?

Application form to be a member

Rules for creting ICIC research groups (ICIC Group)

  1. ICIC Group must have a principal investigator (PI) and at least four researchers who recognize it as such and voluntarily sign their accession to the group.
  2. The principal investigator must:
    • be a PhD on related areas (eg. medicine, biology, chemistry, pharmacy).
    • have publications on the topic of cancer, listed in international journal and databases.
    • Appear as author prominently (first or last signatory) in articles or books published by the group.
    • demonstrate some recognition as a cancer researcher by the research community of the Canary Islands, for having participated in events on cancer as a speaker at congresses, as a lecturer in doctoral programs on cancer, teaching on subjects related to cancer, etc.
  3. ICIC Group must demonstrate continuity in its work on cancer, meeting at least two of the following sections:
    • have published in recent years some articles on cancer in journals included in the international databases, and signed by at least three members of the group.
    • have obtained funding for at least one research project on cancer from any funding body or agency which conducts external evaluations of the proposals (FUNCIS, Ministry of Education of Spain, FIS, CICYT, EU, or similar), and with at least three of the researchers of the group as applicants.
    • have supervised a PhD thesis on cancer led by the PI to one of the members of the group, and/or in course of publication.

How to register as a group ICIC?

To register as a G-ICIC please provide the information appearing on this form (click to download).

Moreover, each member of the group must be a registered member of ICIC, this can be done by filling and sending the membership registration form.

Attach a Curriculum Vitae file only for the Principal Investigator (use FIS, MEC or ACIISI CV templates). Download template here.



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