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Scientific Commission of ICIC

4.  Scientific Commission

The scientific activities of ICIC are designed and supported by decisions taken by the Scientific Commission of ICIC formed by prestigious researchers of international level working at major cancer institutes in Spain, France, Mexico and US.

The Scientific Commission of ICIC´s primary mission is to analyse the scientific activities of ICIC and design strategies for the short, medium and long term for the ICIC, including lines of research that should be enhanced and the priority that these should be carried out.

Composition of the Scientific Committee of ICIC in 2008 has consisted of:

  • Miguel Angel Fernandez Braña (University San Pablo-CEU. Madrid, Spain)
  • Sergio Moreno (Centre for Research on Cancer,  CSIC, Salamanca, Spain)
  • Jorge García (Universidad Central de Venezuela. Caracas. Venezuela)
  • Nubia Muñoz (International Agency for Research of Cancer. WHO. Lyon. France)
  • Manuel Perucho (The Burnham Institute. La Jolla. CA. U.S.)

The formal act of the constitution of the Scientific Commission of ICIC took place during the 1st Atlantic Conference of Cancer, February 11th, 2002 at 15:30 pm in the Hotel Fuerteventura Princess.
The meeting began with Javier Dorta's dissertation on the reasons for the genesis and development of the ICIC project, and the steps taken since its birth. It was followed with a lengthy explanation by Nicolas Diaz Chico on the structure, objectives, operation and financing of ICIC.
Participants conversed for over an hour about various aspects concerning the structure and priorities of the ICIC, praising the level of development and organisation achieved in just one year of work.

5. Scientific Commission Guidelines

Among the recommendations that the Scientific Commission exposed the following are noteworthy:

  • Set for the first years of ICIC relatively simple objectives to be achieved, in order to project an image of success to the Canary Society
  • Avoid dispersal of scarce availabe resourses by concentrating on aspect that might be of greater social impact:
    • Cancer Epidemiology and Tumour Population Registries.
    • Campaigns of healthy habits and lifestyles in relation to cancer.
    • Educational tools to spread cancer education among citizens and patients
    • Training of researchers and technitians in different areas related to cancer



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