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The Governing Board of ICIC in a meeting held on 6th of March 2003 at the University Institute of Bio-Organic Antonio González, University of La Laguna, approved the appointments of the Heads of Sections of ICIC among the ICIC members as follows:
El Consejo de Dirección del ICIC en reunión celebrada el día 06-03-03 en el Instituto Universitario de Bio-Orgánica “Antonio González” de la Universidad de La Laguna, aprobó el nombramiento de los Jefes de las Secciones a los siguientes miembros del ICIC:

Cancer Biology Section

  • Dr. Jose Ignacio Frias-Viera.  Biochemistry Lecture, Dept of Biochemistry, University of La Laguna, Tel. 922318390, email: jfrias@ull.es.

New Anticancer Drugs Section

  • Dr. Francisco Toledo-Marante.  Organic Chemistry Lecturer, Dept. Chemistry, Tafira Campus, University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Tel. 928 454430, email: ftoledo@dqui.ulpgc.es.

Cancer Surgery Section

  • Dr. Victor Vega-Benitez. Medical Assistant Surgery Service, Hospital Univ. Insular de Gran Canaria, Tel. 928 444229, email: vivega@ene.es.

Advance Image Diagnostic

  • Dr. Carmen Rosa Hernández-Socorro. Clinic Chief of Ray Service, Dr. Negrín Univ. Hospital Gran Canaria, Tel. 928 449318, email: chersoc@gobiernodecanarias.org.

Tumour Pathology Section

  • Dr. María del Carmen Maezo-Fortuny. Medical Assistant Pathology Service of Hospital Univ. La Candelaria, Tel. 922602340, email: mcmaeso@comtf.es.

Radiobiology and Radiation Therapy Section

  • Dr. Marta Lorret-Sáez-Bravo.  Medical Assistant Radiation Oncology Dept., Hospital Univ. Gran Canaria Dr. Negrín.  Tel. 928 450284, email: mllosae@gobiernodecanarias.org.

New Therapies in Oncology Section

  • Dr. Norberto Batista-López.  Lecturer of Medicine (Medical Oncology). Hospital Universitario de Canarias, Medicine School, University of La Laguna, Tel. 922 678749, email: nbatista@ull.es.

Cancer Epidemiology Section

  • Dr. Antonio Cabrera-de León.  Lecturer of Preventive Medicine, University of La Laguna, Research Unit Hospital Univ. La Candelaria, Tel. 922 600602, email: acableo@gobiernodecanarias.org.

The ICIC Council was constituted and held its first working session on Friday 21st March 2003, has been in effect during 2008 and intends to renew with the pertinent amendments in 2009.



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